Birthday Invitations, featured

Pajama & Pancakes Birthday Party Invitations

Laney’s Pajama & Pancakes Birthday Invitations.

Pajama & Pancake Party 1

These invites were so much fun to design.

Using themed clipart, we designed an invitation, a thank you note,
activity station cards, and labels for both drinks and pancake toppings.

Pajama & Pancake Party 2

Laney and her friends loved how the invitations turned out and
were excited to receive them in the mail!1149505_608089628066_603762901_o

We used bright hues of pink, purple, and turquoise to make the invitation pop.
It really added to the look of the party.




We can create custom invitations for your child’s next birthday theme!
What a fun project for us! Happy 5th Birthday Laney!

Printing by: Penny Lane
Clipart by: JW Illustrations

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