Wedding Invitations

Spring Wedding Invitations with Custom Art

Jennifer and Jason’s Spring Wedding Invitations.

Spring Invitations Jen & Jason 1
These invites were a treat to create.
They hold so much meaning to the bride and groom.

A custom piece of art was used in their design.Spring Invitations Jen & Jason 4

Jason’s sister Tiffany painted these tulips just for the invitation.Tulip Painting

Jason & Jen love the feel of the painting,
and needed the colors to match their spring wedding theme.
We grabbed elements of the painting and brought their idea to life.

Spring Invitations Jen & Jason 5

Spring Invitations Jen & Jason 3.jpg

Spring Invitations Jen & Jason 2
There are touches of the painting on each element,
from the Direction Card down to the Monogram.

The result is a completely customized invitation with a very personal touch!
What a fun project for us! Best wishes to the bride and groom.

Printing by: Penny Lane Printing

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